Alberto Angela

Alberto Angela. Italian (born France), b. 1962.

Genres: Zoology.

Career: Worked at Institute of Marine Zoology, Naples, Italy, 1979; field researcher on the origins of man in Zaire, 1983-84, Tanzania, 1986-88, Oman, 1989, and Ethiopia, 1991; participated in research on the leopard in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, 1990, which resulted in the documentary films One Day of Two Million Years Ago and In Search of the Leopard, 1990-91; Albatros (TV series), creator and presenter for Swiss television, 1991; writer and supervisor of a television program on animal behavior, for Swiss television, 1991; RAI-TV (Italian TV company), co-creator and co-presenter of a series on dinosaurs, 1993.

Publications: Musei e mostre a mi-sura d’Uomo, 1988; (with P. Angela) La straordinaria Storia dell’Uomo, 1989, trans. As The Extraordinary Story of Human Origins, 1993; (with P. Angela) La straordinaria Storia della vita sulla Terra, 1992; (with P. Angela) II pianeta dei Dinosauri, 1993; (with P. Angela) Sharks!: Predators of the Sea, 1997; (with A. Angela and A.L. Recchi) Squali, 1997; (with P. Angela and G. Pederiali) II Paesaggio che verra, 2000. Contributor to periodicals.

Address: Via Pieve di Cadore, 30-00135 Rome, Italy.