Are drug companies suppressing natural products to make more money from their drugs?

It’s often said that pharmaceutical corporations are trying to keep supplements off the market so that they can make money by selling their prescription drugs. Nothing is farther from the truth. Drug companies are always looking for ways to make money. If any drug company thought they had found a naturally occurring supplement that treated depression successfully and would pass the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s stringent safety tests, you can bet they would have found some way to package it and sell it as a prescription drug. For example, when studies found that human growth hormone improved sleep, a pharmaceutical company quickly patented it in a new form and sold it as a prescription sleeping pill called Rozerem (ramelteon). When studies showed that the amino acid called homotaurine helped reduce alcohol intake, a pharmaceutical company quickly patented a similar chemical, which is now being sold as a prescription drug called Campral (acamprosate).