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British, b. 1927.

Genres: Economics, Education, Engineering, History, Industrial relations, Military/Defense/Arms control, Politics/Government, Social sciences, Technology, Biography.

Career: Keeper of the Churchill Archives Centre, 1977-95. Fellow, Churchill College, Cambridge, 1977. Defence Lecturer, Cambridge University, 1980-83.

Publications: The Hump Organisation (novel), 1957; (co-author) The Channel Tunnel, 1958; The Desert Generals, 1960; The Swordbearers, 1963; (co-author) The Great War (TV series), 1964; (co-author) The Lost Peace (TV series), 1966; Britain and Her Army, 1970; The Collapse of British Power, 1972; The Commanders (TV series), 1973; Marlborough, 1974; Strategy and Society, 1975; Bonaparte, 1978; The Great War, 1979; The Audit of War, 1986; Engage the Enemy More Closely: The Royal Navy in the Second World War, 1991; The Lost Victory: British Dreams, British Realities, 1945-1950, 1995; The Verdict of Peace: Britain between Her Yesterday and the Future, 1945-1950, 2001.

Address: Catbridge House, East Carleton, Norwich NR14 8JX, England.