Depression has made me feel distant from my partner should I act on these feelings?

How you feel toward others now is influenced by your depressed thinking. It is not an expression of your most natural self but is rather just a temporary stage you are going through. When you are depressed, it is hard to believe that you are a good, deserving person who can accept love and give love in return. Please wait to make important decisions about your relationship until your depression diminishes then you will be able to remember how love feels and be able to recognize it within yourself again. You will make a better decision when you are healthy.

It is also important that you refrain from making judgments for others based on what you think is best for them while you are depressed. For example, don’t decide to divorce you husband because you think it would be better for him. Let him decide for himself whether he wants to get rid of you and get on with his life, or if he prefers to stay with the woman he loves.

In fact, it is better to avoid making any big decisions about your life while you are depressed, because you are not thinking at full efficiency, and many of your feelings are distorted. If you try to solve major life issues now, you are likely to make bad choices that you will regret later. This is not the best time in your life to marry, divorce, buy or build a house, move to another part of the country, or part company with friends or family. Rather, this is the time for you to work on your medical and psychotherapeutic treatment, lower your stress levels, and develop healthy life habits. Then, when your depression has ebbed, you will be healthier and able to make better decisions than ever.