Do antidepressant drugs build up in your system over the years until your body is full of toxins?

This old wives’ tale is probably being spread by people who want to defraud you of your money by offering cures for built-up antidepressant poisons. People have been taking antidepressants for more than fifty years. We have plenty of experience with our current antidepressants, and none of them produces any poisons antidepressants simply get your brain to produce more of the natural neurochemicals that help it to function normally. You do not need to waste your money on buying products or paying anyone to detoxify your body from antidepressants, because they do not produce any toxins.

Most antidepressants are gone from the body in a few days (see tables on pages 47 and 69), and many are gone from the body in less than twenty-four hours. This is why most antidepressants are taken daily. A few antidepressants stay around longer, and the amount in your body initially increases with more doses but levels off over a matter of days or weeks.

Once people find an antidepressant dose that relieves their symptoms, they can usually take the same dose for a lifetime without suffering any problems or needing a change in dose.