How can I gauge the severity of my depression and understand how it changes over time?

Following is a checklist to help you evaluate and chart your major depressive symptoms in a form that will help you communicate your condition to your doctor and therapist. Check the boxes that reflect how you have been feeling.

Short Depression Checklist

Check each statement that represents the way you have felt over the last week. Score the questions on a scale of 0 to 5, with 0=not present and 5=very severe.

The things I used to enjoy now seem unattractive.

I cannot think of any activities I would like to be doing.

Even good news cannot stop me from feeling depressed.

Food does not seem appealing, and my weight is changing.

It takes me a long time to fall asleep after I go to bed.

I wake up earlier than I want or need to.

I have frequent headaches, stomachaches, or other pains.

I feel tired all the time.

I constantly worry that I have a serious disease, although there is no proof that I do.

My thoughts and actions seem to be in slow motion.

I cannot keep negative thoughts from entering my mind.

I have thoughts that keep repeating over and over.

I have difficulty making decisions that affect my life.

I am struggling in work or school.

My interest in sex is reduced or gone.

I believe I am an undesirable person.

I feel hopeless about my future.

I think a lot about death.

I have been thinking about killing myself.

I have made a plan to kill myself.

I have set a date to kill myself.