How can I keep the fear of losing my baby from overwhelming me?

The most important thing you can do is to refuse to live in fear. The odds are great that everything will go perfectly in your pregnancy and birth. If things are not completely perfect, you will deal with it, just as you have dealt with other challenges in your life. Do not let irrational fears and fantasies trigger or worsen your depression. Instead, experience and enjoy these events of your life moment by moment; the future will arrive soon enough on its own.

If you have any evidence that there might be a problem, it makes sense to protect yourself. Some couples choose to wait before telling all their family and friends about the pregnancy until they are sure that it will not be a complex one. Some couples wait to fix the baby’s room, move furniture, and buy baby clothes until their healthy baby comes home. Do what you can to alleviate your fears, and know that, in all likelihood, you will soon have a happy, healthy baby.