Is there something simple and easy I can try to reduce my stress level?

Sure; try giving yourself a break. Everybody’s daily routine tends to get dull and annoying with time, and depression just makes it worse. It is just common sense to take a break from your daily activities.

A break does not have to be a skiing trip to the Himalayas. Just take ten minutes from your day and escape from your usual routine. At work or school, you can schedule a walk around the block or go to a quiet spot and listen to music. See if you can expand this single break into two or three intervals per day. Try breaking up your daily routine by going out to lunch. Try taking the stairs at your home, school, or workplace instead of using the elevator.

When you are not working, reserve time for nonproductive activities that you enjoy (or used to enjoy). Why not take a long, hot bath or shower tonight? Let yourself soak up the water until you relax. Try taking a brief nap. Eat something special for dinner. Spend some time reading, listening to music, playing a musical instrument, watching a movie, playing with a pet, taking a walk, running, or riding your bicycle. If you play tennis, golf, or some other active sport, make sure that you set aside some time every week for these activities. It is not a question of whether you have time to do these things; the reality is that you have to engage in these activities if you want your depression to end.