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American (born United States), b. 1930.

Genres: Novels, Novellas/Short stories, Essays.

Career: Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, junior instructor in English, 1951-53, Alumni Centennial professor of English and creative writing, 1973-90, professor emeritus, 1990; Pennsylvania State University, University Park, instructor, 1963-56, assistant professor, 1957-60, associate professor, 1960-65; State University of New York at Buffalo, professor, 1965-71, Edward H. Butler professor of English, 1971-73.

Publications: The Floating Opear, 1956, rev. ed., 1967; The End of the Road, 1958, rev. ed., 1967; The Sot-Weed Factor, 1960, rev. ed., 1967; Giles, Goat-Boy; or, The Revised New Syllabus, 1966; Lost in the Funhouse: Fiction for Print, Tape, Live Voice, 1968, 2nd ed., 1988; (contrib.) The Sense of the 60s, 1968; Chimera, 1972, 3rd ed., 2001; (contrib.) Directions in Literary Criticism, 1973; (contirb.) Writer’s Choice, 1974; LETTERS: An Old-Time Epistolary Novel by Seven Fictitious Drolls & Dreamers, Each of Whom Imagines Himself Actual, 1979; Todd Andrews to the Author: A Letter from LETTERS, 1979; Sabbatical: A Romance, 1982, 3rd ed., 1996; The Literature of Exhaustion, and The Literature of Replenishment, 1982; The Friday Book: Essays and Other Nonfiction, 1984, 2nd ed., 1997; Don’t Count on It: A Note on the Number of the 1001 Nights, 1984; The Tidewater Tales, 1987, 2nd ed., 1997; Floating Opera and The End of the Road, 1988; The Last Voyage of Somebody the Sailor, 1991; Once Upon a Time: A Floating Opera, 1994; Further Fridays: Essays, Lectures, and Other Nonfiction, 1984-1994, 1995; On with the Story, 1996; Coming Soon!!!: A Narrative, 2001; Book of Ten Nights and a Night: Eleven Stories, 2004. Contributors to periodicals.

Address: c/o Writing Seminars, Johns Hopkins University, 136 Oilman Hall, 3400 North Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21218-2685, U.S.A.