Should I take something to give me more energy?

Insufficient exercise, insomnia, and poor nutrition all add to the fatigue caused by unipolar major depression. And in turn, unipolar major depression makes it more difficult to exercise, harder to sleep, and more difficult to eat appropriately. It’s a vicious cycle.

Avoid the impulse to rush out and buy the flashy energy supplements hawked on television, in magazines, and over the Internet. These often contain stimulants that are harmful to your heart, and in any case, are not natural additions to your body. Instead, work to maintain the exercise, sleep, and nutrition that contribute to your overall health and help you in your medication and psychotherapy treatment. Then you will gradually regain the natural energy that has been sapped by unipolar major depression.

It is not healthy to overdrive your natural energy level in an attempt to make yourself unnaturally energetic. Just live a healthy life, and let your body produce its own energy. Please try not to put stimulants of any kind into your body.