What if I am not satisfied with the treatment my current doctor is providing?

If you are not sure about your treatment, the first step is to discuss it frankly with your current doctor. In a good working relationship, it should be possible for either of you to speak your mind in a positive, constructive way. Tell your current doctor you are not satisfied, and ask what she can suggest. Do not be alarmed if she wants time to think about it and consult her own resources; you want the benefit of her best judgment.

If this does not fix things, the next step is to obtain a second opinion. Second opinions can be very useful, and your current doctor should value a helpful new viewpoint. It is perfectly appropriate for you to ask your current doctor to suggest or call a specialist to get you a second opinion. If you do not want to involve your current doctor, you can find a psychiatric consultant and make an appointment on your own. When you meet with the new psychiatrist, make sure you tell him honestly about your current treatment and make it clear you’re looking for a second opinion on it. If you are considering replacing your current doctor, be up-front with the new doctor, and ask if he thinks it’s merited.