What if I have to wait too long to get an appointment with the psychiatrist I want to see?

If the doctor has a busy schedule, you may have to wait weeks for an appointment. If you want to get in to see the doctor sooner, let her know that you would like to be called if there’s a late cancellation. If you do this, be prepared to make yourself available at the last moment.

If you cannot get an appointment with the psychiatrist you choose or you cannot get one soon enough, ask for a referral from your primary care doctor to the psychiatrist you want to get in and see. Referrals usually get a faster and more positive response than calling up the psychiatrist’s office yourself. If your primary care doctor will not refer you, ask other doctors that you or your family know. If you know any of the psychiatrist’s patients, it is fair to ask them if they would call up and ask if the psychiatrist will see you on their recommendation.