What items should be in a first aid kit?

Whether you go to the store with an adult to buy a first-aid kit or work with an adult to put one together, it should include all the items you may need in case of an emergency. Make sure an adult includes any personal items such as medications and emergency phone numbers or other items your doctor may suggest. Check the kit regularly. Make sure the flashlight batteries work. Check expiration dates and replace any used or out of date contents. If you are compiling your own, the Red Cross and the American Medical Association recommend that all first aid kits include the following items:

• absorbent compress dressings
• adhesive bandages, in assorted sizes
• adhesive cloth tape
• antibiotic ointment packets
• five antiseptic wipe packets
• aspirin or aspirin substitute
• blanket
• breathing barrier (with one way valve)
• first aid manual
• hydrocortisone ointment packets
• instant cold compress
• nonlatex gloves
• oral thermometers
• roller bandages
• scissors
• sterile gauze pads
• triangular bandages
• tweezers