Duchess of Burgundy. Name variations: Agnes of Burgundy; Agnes of France. Born 1260; died Dec 19, 1327, in Chateau de Lanthenay, France; dau. of Louis IX, king of France, and Margaret of Provence (1221–1295); m. Robert II, duke of Burgundy, 1279; children: John of Burgundy (1279–1283); Blanche of Burgundy (1288–1348); Margaret of Burgundy (1290–1315, 1st wife of Louis X of France); Jeanne of Burgundy (1293–1348, who m. Philip VI of France); Hugh V, duke of Burgundy; Eudes IV, duke of Burgundy; Louis (1297– 1316), king of Thessalonica; Marie of Burgundy (1298–c. 1310), who m. Edward I, count of Bar); Robert (1302–1334), count of Tonnerre.

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