Ruler of Bourbon. Name variations: Agness. Born in 1237; died Sept 7, 1288, in Bourbon; dau. of Count of Guy (or Gui) II de Dampierre and Mahaut I (r. 1215–1242); sister of Mahaut II (ruler of Bourbon, 1249–1262, ruler of Nevers, 1257–1266); granddau. of Mahaut de Courtenay (ruler of Nevers, 1182–1257); m. Jean de Bourgogne, also known as John of Burgundy, in Feb 1247; children: Beatrix de Bourgogne (1257–1310), ruler of Bourbon (r. 1287–1310).

On death of sister Mahaut II (1262), inherited the barony of Bourbon and held it until her death.

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