German princess. Born 1074; died Sept 24, 1143; dau. of Holy Roman emperor Henry IV (r. 1056–1106) and Bertha of Savoy (1051–1087); sister of Henry V and Conrad, both Holy Roman emperors; granddau. of Agnes of Poitou (1024–1077); m. Frederick I, duke of Swabia, 1089; m. Leopold III, margrave of Austria of the Babenberg line; children: (1st m.) Frederick (d. 1147), duke of Swabia (who m. Judith of Bavaria [fl. 1120s]); Conrad III (1st emperor of the Hohenstaufen line); Gertrude of Swabia (c. 1104–1191, who m. Hermann, pfalzgraf of Lotharingen); (2nd m.) Leopold IV, margrave of Austria; Henry Jasomirgott, 1st duke of Austria; the historian Otto, bishop of Freising.

With husband Frederick, was responsible for the beginnings of a German dynasty, the House of Hohenstaufen (their son Conrad III ruled Germany [r. 1138–52], their grandson Frederick I Barbarossa [r. 1152–90] unified Germany).