How to Make a Construction Paper Penguin

It is an odd flightless birds live together as a fascinating cooperative behavior of the torpedo shaped, Penguin,. Lessons in Penguin, diet and Habitat with Penguin construction paper, children have to make sure. To adopt this draft paper, having one of the 16 seeds choice children. Included is the name of the Emperor, Africa, macaroni, and some types of Penguin. Use the distinction between feather plumage differences between subtle types of penguins, orange or yellow upper breast, varieties.

Inches long by 3 ½ inches throughout black construction paper 7 ½ full of cut creates the Penguin’s body. Secondly, cover aspects of black paper, glue and yogurt containers. Along the side of the paper a smooth container position). Keep the container opening stand. Small circle of black construction paper cuts to the head. Paste it on the body.

Publish white paper Penguin’s stomach. To do this is upside down “U”, approximate length 3. 5-Inch drawing has two connecting points. Along the lines cut and paste at the top of the container. The flat edge, embedded in the bottom of the container.

Tears of two wings to draw a rounded black paper. Need to measure large parts 2 ½ inch, 1 inch. Expand the vertical blade before you cut them and paste in three dimensions. Paste into each side of the white stomach. Also, add on a narrow yellow paper band subtle stripes to each of the blades.

Twice to create two construction of the white paper, punched paper 目します. Make a paper punch to take two students of Brown construction paper. Brown construction paper around crops than the White students. White was struck on the head of circle with glue. My space evenly. Brown and white adhesive yen.

Cut a diamond-shaped beak and the neighborhood is about ¾ inch orange colored construction paper is. Fold the diamond in two. Just below the tab expansion beak Glue eyes straight edge on one.

Small rectangle with two (approximately 1 x ½ inch) to’s two Overview Add Pink cut paper with black construction paper to cardboard. At the foot of the penguins. Paste together two colors overlap. When dry, the legs using adhesive at the bottom of the container the Connect tab. Verify that rose up.

Penguin feathers and smooth complete thin strip of six penguins orange colored construction paper. Replace the base of elastic band or band in a bag. Paste has completed and collect at the top of the container. Also, they are to make bends on the back of the container outside, eye on paste.