Josefina R. ALDECOA Biography

Spanish educator and author. Born Josefina Rodriquez in La Roba (Leo´n), Spain, 1926; earned doctorate in philosophy from University of Madrid; m. Ignacio Aldecoa (writer), 1952 (died 1969); children: Susanna (b. 1954).

With husband, made over 100 trips to less privileged regions of Spain to spread education and culture (1951–53); moved to Blasco de Garay (1956), then to America (1958), when she received a grant to study education in the States; returning to Spain (1959), founded Estilo, a private school for children from 2 to 17; wrote articles and stories for the reviews Espadan˜a and Revista espan˜ola, and published a volume of short stories (1960s); following husband’s death (1969), published her memoirs and her 1st novel; writings include El arte del nino (The Art of the Child, 1960), A ningune parte (Going Nowhere, 1961), Los nin˜os de la gueraa (Children of Wartime, 1983), La enredadera (The Clinging Vine, 1984), Porque ´eramos jo´venes (Because We Were Young, 1986), and El vergel (The Orchard, 1988).