Juliette la Messine ADAM Biography

French feminist, journalist, political activist, and salonnie`re. Name variations: Juliette Lamber Adam, Juliette Lamber, Juliette Lambert; (pseudonyms) La Messine or de la Messine, Paul Vasili, La Grande Franc¸aise. Born Juliette Lambert in Verberie, Picardy, Oct 4, 1836; died in Callian, Aug 25, 1936; m. Alexis de la Messine (government official), div. 1867; m. Edmond Adam (journalist and political activist), 1868–1877; children: (1st m.) daughter.

Ran a successful Parisian salon for 4 decades; made contributions to journals, beginning with a letter to the editor of Le Sie`cle (1856); founded the journal La Nouvelle Review (1879); known particularly for fighting for women’s suffrage and for her work against the German threat to France; wrote plays, memoirs, and essays, including Id´ees anti-proudhoniennes sur l’amour, la femme et le mariage (1858), and Blanches de Coucy (1858); also wrote the biography Garibaldi, sa vie d’apr`es des documents ine´dits (1859), and such novels as Grecque (1879), Paienne (1883), Chre´tienne (1913).