Junior Art Director Job Description, Education and Training Requirements, Career, Salary, Employment, Duties

Director of art short description

Your art and beauty is high, you want to work in a environment? Whether the carrier can to express your creative ideas. Then, try being a junior Art Director. It can move a very difficult career. Also, is one of the jobs in the advertising industry.

Need some important information read to become a junior Art Director.

What is a junior Art Director?

Junior Art Director is help in planning and executing design art visuals advertising, books, Web sites and magazines. Artists and designers, to them in the main visual Project Director task report.

Junior Art Director features

  • Junior art director can import presentation or configuration schema. They identify details of the hardware, such as style, type, graphics, video, photos and video. Give the art materials made by staff members, and evaluate them.
  • Junior Art Director at the presentation of concepts and creative or production manager describes the customer’s requirements. Designing a layout concept, and they form the staff.
  • Develop a junior Art Director and Director of creating design solutions. They reevaluate the to verify that it matches the requirements stipulated by the standard and our materials. In the print session to make sure you get the product pictures and they are also the artistic director of the junior.
  • Write instructions to prepare materials for short-term full layout and print art director. They know what to do service tells printer. They see a design for a variety of products.
  • Terms of employment of junior Art Director

    Junior Art Director advertising and issuing authority of the work. Because they are made always meet they offer must be taken as soon as possible or printers are always working under pressure, TV ad copy. From outside the Office can work in an Office, and received from various ministries, responds to the client.

    Junior Art Director education requirements

    As a junior Art Director at least Bachelor of Arts is required. They are well trained in graphic design, page layout and photo is required. They must submit your best hospitalized for works of art portfolio, but they also do proper training in art school, can help you.

    Progress of the profession and the junior Art Director

    Advertising industry reflects the current economic situation. Great competition for this position, it demand increased by an average of this career is coming in the last few years is expected. However, it benefits if there would be one of skill and experience.

    Junior art director can evolve into art to take care of the other directors of senior art director and art director. You can become a President of a company they also become advertising creative director.