Mechanical Fitter Job Description, Education and Training Requirements, Career, Salary, Employment, Duties

Position description of mechanical engineering

Under supervision of clearly fitter different dynamics of minor and major repair gasoline and diesel-powered equipment, therefore manufacturing of welding equipment and facilities, improvement, repair does needed work duties does.


  • Repair and mechanical defects in vehicles, trucks, boats, bus, bulldozers, cleaning, all are operated by using a machine to make sure. Necessary measures should be made after verification, became the city.
  • Special construction machinery to compensate the;, design various blueprints for production work from metal, repair or construction of a small, ornamental iron machinery; cuts in gas and electric welding equipment using fit metal welding; what is brazing.
  • Inventory is responsible, and machine maintains a record of work to verify that it is not confused with each other.
  • Responsible needs to solve mechanical problems of the person’s training and employee safety.
  • Qualifications:

  • 2 Years of experience, automobiles and add welding heavy repair equipment and one year of experience; or,
  • Ability to provide adequate education and training and the necessary knowledge and experience is required.