Plant And Equipment Maintenance Manager Job Description, Education and Training Requirements, Career, Salary, Employment, Duties

Facilities maintenance Manager position description

And maintenance facilities administrators are responsible for ensuring that the facilities and equipment is in good condition there.

They oversaw the implementation of existing plant maintenance programs. They are responsible for determining additional work required of individuals and improve plant equipment is required. To demonstrate all the time in most conditions, they plant are safe, and work with operations staff. In some special plants, working with hazardous materials.

Nature of work

Program implementation of preventive and predictive management of overall plant maintenance managers. Have a responsibility to provide information that is required to maintain records of equipment failures they are data and factory supervisor. The planned interruption of normal hours of operation of tasks and schedules for staff, facilities and forces disaster scenarios. They also create plans for short and long term. The maintenance Manager to ensure compliance with the requirements of local, State and federal Governments by plant maintenance manual, manual security update should be kept. They are also vendor maintenance and repair manuals for the newest file appropriate to make sure. And keep morale up maintenance facilities and equipment managers, maintenance staff motivation to take action. Useful plants including their location and the candidates, personnel maintenance of employment.


Maintenance Manager, plant safety and accidents with no work may be required. You can can give suggestions for improvement of the transfer of plants, such as factory equipment and performance conditions, behavior and information required for them to communicate effectively and other members of the staff of the factory manager. This position is typically engineering or equivalent undergraduate degree is required. Position right candidate experience and strong leadership and motivational skills, technical staff and administrative staff Director and only the Director is required.