Software Architect Job Description, Education and Training Requirements, Career, Salary, Employment, Duties

Software architect job description

Lead software architect very efforts for various design projects in a fast-paced, collaborative environment.

They designed, innovative solutions to real problems of the market. They are product managers, marketing, new offers of interaction designers, users and other software engineers to develop and those already there to improve work closely.

Software architects can do the following tasks.

  • Identifies the software architecture based on the elements contained in the software architect requirements and system design specifications.
  • They use case documents and language UML (Unified Modelling) by using the software architecture of the software architecture.
  • They keep the software architecture document evolves depending on the needs of industry and technology trends and systems change.
  • Analyze risk and report problems to meet their system requirements.
  • Provides information to help you create support engineer, system specifications.
  • They help create a software designer and implement detailed software design specifications.
  • Their leads the software architecture document review process.
  • Software versioning and maintains a calendar of regular compilation.
  • They are able to system requirements into software architecture enabled, participate in system specification review process.
  • They comply with all applicable product development processes.
  • They perform detailed software design and implementation or maintains the code after the duties and responsibilities.
  • Verifies the integrity of the overall software architecture, System specs for.
  • They include external and internal users experience a consistent product design.
  • To improve their product Visual design and coherence to redefine the work in the Visual Designer.
  • Work-related expectations.

  • Responsible for the selection of the software architect’s design decisions that platform, coding or technical level software, including developer.
  • Tells the software design teams should they completely understand customers ‘ needs effectively.
  • Should they direct all the activities of his employer or client software development.
  • Manage the full lifecycle development team they should be directed, process, monitor research, oversees the code reviewed and tested.