What is ginger as a treatment for nausea

Ginger root is a natural alternative for calming feelings of nausea and queasiness related to anti-parkinson’s medications. It can be eaten fresh or in crystallized form as prepared for use in cooking. Fresh ginger root can be boiled into a tea, and ground ginger can be dissolved in water. Health food stores also sell ground ginger in capsule form, which may be difficult to swallow for the person with Parkinson’s disease. It takes 20 to 30 minutes to feel the effect. Ginger has no side effects and can be taken with any medication, making it a safe alternative to conventional antinausea medications. Not everyone gains relief from ginger, however, or can tolerate the taste. Many grocery stores carry fresh ginger root in the produce department, and nearly all carry ground or crystallized ginger in the seasoning section of the store. Ginger also helps to reduce intestinal gas (flatulence).