What is Mini Mental Status Examination (MMSE)

A simple method for assessing a person’s basic cognitive function. Developed and introduced in 1975 by three psychiatrists at the Johns Hopkins Hospital (Marshal F. Folstein, M.D.; Susan E. Folstein, M.D.; and Paul R. McHugh, M.D.), the MMSE has become a standard clinical assessment tool. It consists of 11 items that a clinician administers in five to 20 minutes, although there is no time limit for completing the assessment. The items assess a person’s orientation to time and place, memory, and abilities to maintain attention, follow verbal and written instructions, repeat sequences, write a sentence, and copy a drawing. Scoring accommodates the person’s level of education and age.

Psychological Assessment Resources (PAR), Inc., produces and markets the MMSE in written and software versions. Only qualified health care professionals can purchase the MMSE. For further information contact

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