What is positive outlook

The ability to see the good aspects of a situation and to look to the future with hope and optimism. Countless studies demonstrate that people who have a positive outlook do better and enjoy a better quality of life when dealing with chronic or serious illness. There are many aspects of Parkinson’s disease that are beyond control, but there are equally numerous opportunities to make the best of matters. Many people live with Parkinson’s for decades, and to allow its limitations to shape life is to allow the disease to take control.

• Stay active and engaged in life. Busy people do not have time to worry or dwell on the “what ifs” and other uncertainties of Parkinson’s.

• Enjoy favorite events for as long as possible. Go to the movies or the theater, work in the garden, take grandchildren to the park.

• Learn as much as possible about Parkinson’s disease. Find a good physician who understands the disease’s subtleties and takes interest in personalizing treatment approaches to meet individual needs.

• Allow the challenges of Parkinson’s to draw family members and friends closer rather than to push them away. People who care want to help let them.

• Maintain the best health possible. Eat nutritiously, exercise regularly, meditate.