What is short stay services

Some long-term care facilities offer full care for short visits, from a few days to three weeks, for people who cannot live independently to give caregivers an extended break. Sometimes a short stay is a welcome break for the person with Parkinson’s as well, as facilities offer many activities. Some facilities have secured units and specialized staff for people with Alzheimer’s DISEASE.

The facility should charge a standard rate for such short stay services; this fee usually is not covered by any insurance. Services include nursing and attendant care just as if the person were a resident at the facility. When considering short stay services, evaluate the facility and its staff as if it were a long-term care option. Go on a tour, meet with the facility’s manager and director of nursing, and talk with staff if possible. Visit several times, at different times of the day on weekdays and on at least one weekend day, before arranging for a loved one to stay there.