Al BARKOW Biography,Bibliography,Books Review,Publications,Career,Email Address

American, b. 1932.

Genres: History, Sports/Fitness.

Career: Ed.-in-chief, Golf Illustrated Magazine, 1985-91; chief writer, Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf television series, 1962-68; ed.-in-chief, Golf Magazine, 1969-71; editor/publisher, Al Barkow’s Golf Report (newsletter).

Publications: Golf’s Golden Grind, 1974; (with B. Casper) The Good Sense of Golf, 1978 (with K. Venturi) The Venturi Analysis, 1981; The Venturi System, 1983; (with G. Low) The Master of Putting, 1983; (with P. Rodgers) Play Lower Handicap Golf, 1986; Gettin’ to the Dance Floor: An Oral History of American Golf, 1986; The History of the PGA Tour, 1989; (with C. Lohren) Getting Set for Golf, 1995; (with D. Stockton) Putt to Win; The Golden Era of Golf: How America Rose to Dominate the Old Scotsgame, 2000; That’s Golf: The Best of Al Barkow, 2001; Gene Darazen and Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf, 2003.

Address: 410 Evelyn Ave #303, Albany, CA 94706, U.S.A.

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Karen BARKEY Biography,Bibliography,Books Review,Publications,Career,Email Address

American (born Turkey), b. 1958.

Genres: History.

Career: University of Wisconsin-Madison, assistant professor of sociology, 1988-89; Columbia University, NYC, assistant professor, 1989-93, associate professor of sociology, 1993.

Publications: Bandits and Bureaucrats: The Ottoman Route to State Centralization, 1994; (ed. with M. von Hagen) After Empire: Multiethnic Societies and Nation-Building; The Soviet Union and the Russian, Habsburg, and Ottoman Empires, 1997.

Address: Department of Sociology, Columbia University, 1180 Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY 10027, U.S.A.

Ralph Hammond BARKER Biography,Bibliography,Books Review,Publications,Career,Email Address

British, b. 1917.

Genres: Military/Defense/ Arms control.

Career: RAF, flight lieutenant, retired; writer.

Publications: Strike Hard, Strike Sure, 1963, rev. ed., 2003; The Hurricats, 1978; Down in the Drink; The Ship Busters; The Last Blue Mountain; The Thousand Plane Raid; Great Mysteries of the Air; Verdict on a Lost Flyer; The Schneider Trophy Races; The Blockade Busters; Not Here but in Another Place; The RAF at War; Good Night, Sorry for Sinking You; Children of the Benares; That Eternal Summer; The Royal Flying Corps in France; The Royal Flying Force in France, Vol. 2, 1995; A Brief History of the Royal Flying corps, 2002; Men of the Bombers, 2005. Contributor to periodicals.

Address: Old Timbers, 16 Aldercrombe Ln, Caterham, Surrey CR3 6ED, England.