Theodora ABEL Biography

American clinical psychologist. Name variations: Theodora Mead Abel. Born Theodora Mead, Sept 9, 1899, in Newport, Rhode Island; died Dec 2, 1998, in Forestburgh, NY; dau. of Robert Mead Jr. and Elsie (Cleveland) Mead; Columbia University, PhD (1925); m. Theodore Abel, 1923; children: 3.

Known largely for work in ethnology; worked at Manhattan Trade School for Girls (1923–25); received position at University of Illinois (1925); served on staff at Cornell University (1926–28) and performed research on galvanic skin reflex; served as instructor at Sarah Lawrence College (beginning 1929) and became director of psychoanalysis at Postgraduate Center for Mental Health; with Elaine Kinder, published 1st book The Subnormal Adolescent Girl (1942); served as research psychologist at Letchworth Village (1940s); became expert in Rorschach technique; served as instructor at Long Island University and clinical professor at University of New Mexico Medical School; published Culture and Psychotherapy (introduction by Margaret Mead, 1975).

Rosemarie ACKERMANN Biography

East German high jumper. Name variations: Rosi Ackermann. Born April 4, 1952, in Lohsa, East Germany.

Broke the world record with 1.94 meters (1974); won a gold medal at European championships (1974); won a gold medal in Montreal Olympics at 1.93 meters (604, 1976); cleared the bar at 2.0 meters in West Berlin (1977).

Fae Margaret ADAMS Biography

American doctor. Born in San Jose, California, 1918.

Served as a 1st lieutenant and reserve medical officer in the Women’s Army Corps, becoming the 1st female doctor to receive a regular US Army commission (1953); after the military, practiced gyne-cology and obstetrics in Albuquerque, New Mexico.